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Our deep roots in many global regions allows us to leverage the diversity of backgrounds relevant to its strategic priorities and include diversity of business expertise and international experience.

Our ESG Report

ESG Considerations are the core premises for our business and investment decisions. We are deeply committed to our shared responsibility to ensure that the environmental and social impact of our investment activities are mitigated.

You can download our ESG Report here.

Fostering Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion is of utmost importance to our business and our stakeholders. We have established a diversity and inclusion strategy with an overarching vision and governance, as well as a dashboard allowing us to identify opportunities and set targets to measure our progress in creating a diverse and inclusive culture.

Framework for Good Governance

Quantum EQT believes that as a global company, we should embed strong governance practices and oversight of ESG matters across our businesses and at each asset. This is the only way we can maintain the confidence of investors and continue delivering on our promise of long-term returns for all our stakeholders. Most importantly, these principles form the basis for sound equity investments. Throughout our portfolios of Life Sciences, Renewable Energy, public & private equity, Quantum EQT puts good corporate governance as one of the most important pillars of its success. Furthermore, Quantum EQT is closely involved in the monitoring and follow-up of companies in which it has an active presence.

Ethical Conduct

Ethical conduct is a priority of our business and we commit to incorporate integrity and compliance throughout all levels of the company. Our employees are responsible for reviewing and recommending policies and procedures that maintain a business environment committed to high standards of ethics, integrity, sustainability, and legal compliance. Ethical conduct and integrity carried on from the corporate offices to the field is a prerequisite for all of our employees and partners. We operate long-term assets and businesses across the globe. This approach dictates both our investment strategy and our commitment to environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices. We believe that value creation and sustainable development are complementary goals. Throughout our operations, we are committed to practices that have a positive impact on the communities in which we operate

Our aim is to prevent discrimination on any grounds and to create an inclusive workplace where a range of nationalities and cultures are represented, and where there are equal professional opportunities regardless of gender, age or disability. In the recent move to our new office we paid attention to the requirements of all of our staff, and included a private space to be used for a range of functions.

As a company, we strongly believe the best investment decisions result from the consideration of various points of view, and each of our investment professionals are encouraged to ask questions, share ideas and challenge one another. Open and honest communication fosters constructive debate and improves our investment decisions. At Quantum EQT we believe that we are stronger because of our different viewpoints and approaches, as it gives us tailored ways of assessing different sets of problems in order to achieve our common goal—to create value in a sustainable and efficient way.

Commitment to Environmental Responsibility

At Quantum EQT, we are determined to be part of the solution to climate change as a key pillar of our long-term strategy. We understand that climate change poses a serious threat to communities, businesses and ecosystems around the world. We are determined to mitigate climate change through our operations, and we are working to ensure that we continue to be well positioned for the opportunities that are expected to arise from the transition to a low-carbon economy. We are taking steps to understand the potential physical effects of climate change on our portfolio, and, at the same time, we have initiatives underway to preserve our low carbon footprint as a company, ensuring our management team and employees adhere to our guidelines.

Our Approach to ESG

The scenery that surrounds environmental, social and governance matters is continuously shifting. This is why Quantum EQT is always seeking evolving solutions and approaches in order to provide ALL of our stakeholders not only capital gains, but also ensure a positive return for society at large. At Quantum EQT, we welcome this core premise. We believe the transformative power of sustainability is the key to an even better future. This includes a smarter economy, a healthier planet, and diverse and inclusive communities.

As part of our role as investors, we expect our portfolio companies to implement strong ESG practices that are congruent with our principles while being suitable and responsive to their business requirements and complying with internal KPI’s set to follow up on settled milestones. Our approach in each case reflects the nature of the asset or business, although the objectives in each case reflect a responsible approach to the relevant ESG considerations.

Commitment to Social Responsibility

We are committed as a company to conduct our business in a manner that respects the rights and dignity of our employees and those related to our activities. Labor practice at Quantum EQT and the professional undertakings of its employees, directors and executives are governed by the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and its protocols, as well as by International Agreements signed by the UN and the International Labor Organization (ILO) on social rights, as well as the principles of the United Nations Global Pact. We recognize as a company the importance of diversity and inclusion for the success of our business, thus, we are committed to fostering a corporate culture that is inclusive of diverse backgrounds and cultures and which values the contribution of varied views and thoughts. We work to ensure that people with disabilities are given the same opportunities to perform as non-disabled and engage actively with the nearby communities in which our portfolio companies and Quantum EQT operate as a whole.

Data Privacy & Security

At Quantum EQT we prioritize security and protection of information and systems, including information of our employees and all of our stakeholders. We regularly review our capabilities, reassess our policies and coordinate communication and cybersecurity related training across our organization. We also aim to raise awareness and empower our employees in privacy & security matters in order to give them the tools and the latest knowledge to be able to individually identify specific threats not only to the company, but also the individual and our investors.

Community Engagement & Global Support

We actively support communities through development of local infrastructure and providing access to renewable electricity and medical care, and while our efforts to support local communities serves as a priority for us, we also support organizations which operate on a global scale.

Among the organizations that operate globally we have made continuous effort to support the work of Doctors without Borders and their efforts to provide rural communities and hostile regions with medical care and treatment.

Our efforts to support the Sustainable Development Goals are incorporated in our investments across our platform portfolios. We are committed by actively taking part in decisions made by our portfolio companies to reduce their carbon footprint and conducting business in a sustainable manner, and accelerating climate change action.

Our commitment to the UN sustainable development goals

According to the United Nations, the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, adopted by all United Nations Member States in 2015, provides a shared blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and into the future. In order to recognize such critical endeavors, Quantum EQT is pleased to align its business operations to achieve such essential targets. Using context-specific analysis, we identify priority SDGs based on factors such as geography, stakeholder engagement and business activities.

Good health and well-being

Our focus on affordable and accessible health care is considered throughout our investments in our portfolio companies. Through our investments in the various sectors of life sciences, we aim to support the development of more efficient treatments in the different therapeutic classes, while committing to support local communities with access to affordable healthcare.

Affordable and clean energy

Through our renewable power portfolio, we aim to construct and add more green power facilities to the global grid. Quantum EQT places itself at the forefront of the energy mix and fourth industrial revolution by investing in companies that currently are devoting a substantial part of their revenues towards the transition to affordable, accessible and clean energy.

Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

We seek opportunities where corporations commit to a low carbon energy future, therefore impacting innovative processes that help make a greener world. With our investment in Quantafuel, Quantum EQT directly impacts SDG 9 by removing plastic from the bottom of the value chain and transforming it to products at the top of the value chain.

Responsible Consumption and Production

We aim to increase our portfolio with companies that look to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels, However that also increase effective uses of natural resources. By recycling oil that already has been produced and by replacing fossil oil and gas with recycled raw materials, Quantafuel achieves a sustainable circular economy where waste is elevated to a resource.

Climate action

Through our high quality, and diversified energy portfolio, Quantum EQT is helping to accelerate the decarbonization of global electricity grids while at the same time giving stakeholders an opportunity to be involved and look forward to a greener future. Chemical recycling of plastic waste displaces oil demand and reduces the carbon footprint by more than 50% compared to incineration.

Life below water

Quantum EQT is committed to SDG 14 by actively investing in companies that use marine resources in a sustainable way. With investments in Aker Offshore and Orsteed and their deep-water installations of “wind floats”, this “eccentric” technology ensures that installations do not present a threat to sub-aquatic ecosystems, and provides a more sustainable way of installing offshore wind capacity.


Diversity and inclusion is of utmost importance to our business and our stakeholders. We have established a diversity and inclusion strategy with an overarching vision and governance, as well as a dashboard allowing us to identify opportunities and set targets to measure our progress in creating a diverse and inclusive culture.

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