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Quantum EQT public fund operates as an investment vehicle for Quantum’s public equity business. Quantum public equities multi-strategy platform invests in high-conviction investment ideas across asset classes, regions and investment strategies.

We analyse each specific sector in which our investments and positions have exposure, and apply a set of frameworks to manage and mitigate our risk. The complexity of several sectors in which we operate allows us to implement a holistic view while incorporating risk mitigation using quantitive and qualitative analysis as part of our risk management strategies.

Our investments in our public equity fund follows the same principle of sustainable investing as for the rest of our organisation, and we leverage the opportunities to take positions in companies with substantial growth opportunities while having a postive impact economically as well as socially.

Our primary focus is on opportunities where return drivers are less sensitive to market direction and which tend to arise when value is obscured by attributes such as complexity, corporate actions, market dislocations, or investor misunderstandings. Additionally, we have the flexibility to take on market-directional risk when we believe that broad market dislocations have created asymmetric upside/downside potential.

Our capital management portfolio is hedged through derivatives, equity arbitrage, and asset backed strategies to limit the risk exposure while proactively mitigating and stress testing our portfolio using VaR (Value at Risk) for measuring market risk and credit risk in our companies investments.
Aside from the energy majors, we also invest in smaller companies with growth capital that we believe will serve as a launch pad for their expansion, R&D efforts, and unlocking the potential value they possess, while taking an active role and assist them in their efforts to develop as a company.
Quantum EQT is a member of Danish Energy Confederation, a partnership we see having great value for our work and allows us to share our experiences and insight with our partner members.

Daniela Olivier Ph.D

Head of Capital Markets

Tel: +43 (664) 8831 8194

Sectors and Countries

Quantum EQT life science investments concentrate on Denmark and USA and are across several sub-sectors.