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Quantum EQT Private Equity focusses on two main sectors, life sciences and renewable energy. Our private equity business is focused on acquiring high-quality businesses and enhancing their cash flow capabilities by improving strategy, execution, and continuously developing growth potential.

Our private equity business also invest in infrastructure to balance our portfolio with asset classes that maintains a strategic fit in our multi-strategy approach.

Our life sciences investments include our investment and takeover of which is the largest Orthodontic & Maxillofacial company in Denmark.

In certain regions, we see fragmentation in the healthcare and life sciences sector, and consolidation in this sector will enhance the patients ability to access more affordable and quality treatment. The healthcare sector is generally lacking technological innovation, and we believe that advances in AI and technology will help eliminate certain errors and decrease crucial time for drug development and research.

Our investment in healthcare tech companies compliments our vision for a computational platform which integrates differentiated solution for predictive modelling, data analytics, and collaboration to enable rapid exploration and development of drug discovery.

Our renewable energy investments are not restricted to large energy companies and projects. We actively evaluate smaller companies with innovative products and solutions, and while large renewable energy projects are capital intensive we experience the smaller companies having their own competitive advantages in having the ability to quickly adapt to changing consumer needs while retaining agility.

Among our early investments are Quantafuel and Aker offshore. Both companies are innovative, offer new solutions to existing problems, and fit into our framework of working with the sustainable development goals.


Servan Saifouri

Managing Partner

Tel: +45 2810 0915

Our Private Equity Investments

Quantum EQT private equity investments are distributed as follows.