Mergers & Acquisitions

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At Quantum EQT we offer a range of strategic support services to our clients for decision-making processes and most challenging issues with made-to-measure solutions and the ability to meet the transactional needs of mergers and acquisitions, sale of companies, international mergers and acquisitions, spin-offs or divestitures, joint ventures, due diligence, tax structure, and restructuring.

Capital Raising

Making sure to find and use the appropriate source of financing and capital raising for the specific needs and stage of a company is one of the most important decisions, which is why we help our clients to navigate the market and to work hand in hand to guarantee access to the capital source that is most suitable, to provide investment capacity for the client.

International Mergers & Acquisitions

Regardless of the nature, all transactions related to M&A require solutions to very complex problems, for which practical strategies are established that allow a more efficient risk management. When we talk about global transactions, the level of complexity changes. At Quantum EQT we can help companies to improve international mergers and acquisitions processes effectively, anticipating and mitigating the risks that may be caused by problems of a fiscal, cultural, regulatory nature, among others.

Divestitures and Spin-Offs

At Quantum EQT we are aware of the risk and challenge that can be involved in carrying out a successful divestiture, this process usually generates situations in which the value of the company can drop significantly, while facing structures that tend to be complex in a short period of time. That is why our team offers timely support that simplifies the execution and decision-making process, by providing key information that allows us to identify opportunities that maximize the value of the transaction.

Our client portfolio includes private equity, investment firms, corporations, governments, and family-owned businesses, providing them with access to private equity, capital-raising services and international markets, expertise in specialized industries, and corporate finance and governance consulting services. In all, we partner with organizations to secure maximum value from their investments, while at the same time supporting our clients in identifying investments that drive growth and provide sunergy with their strategies (buy-side and sell-side)

Our team of experts work diligently to develop and formulate M&A strategies. These might include identifying, screening, and initiating discussions with potential acquisition targets, and structure and negotiate transactions while at the same time arranging acquisition financing. Quantum EQT’s relationship-based approach with our clients means that our focus and expertise extend far beyond traditional investment banking advisory services on M&A. We look to add value to our clients not only in transaction situations but also during most of the time when their focus is on managing their existing businesses.