Investment Banking

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Quantum EQT provides innovative, unconflicted strategic advice to a diverse client base. We assist our clients in achieving their strategic goals by offering comprehensive, regionally integrated financial advisory services across all major industry sectors. Furthermore, we guide them through the complex financial and strategic challenges that they face during each stage of their business life cycle. As an independent investment bank, we can serve clients across several key disciplines.

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Our investment banking business is divided into two main tiers.

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We offer a range of strategic support services to our clients for decision-making processes and most challenging issues with made-to-measure solutions and the ability to meet the transactional needs of mergers and acquisitions, sale of companies, international mergers and acquisitions, spin-offs or divestitures, joint ventures, due diligence, tax structure, and restructuring.

Our funds operates as an investment vehicle for Quantum’s capital markets business. Quantum investment platform invests in a diversified matrix with several investments tools within the Equity Capital Market and Debt Capital Markets in the public and private sector. The diversification gives Quantum a multi-strategy platform across asset classes, regions and investment strategies.

With dedicated teams and an emphasis on discretion and confidentiality, our capabilities include expertise in some specific areas such as M&A Advisory and Capital Markets, with both comprised by a wide array of possible services.

Some of our innovative, strategic advice includes custom-made financial modelling, providing our clients with access to financing in the private and public capital markets through the issuance of debt, equity, or hybrid securities. furthermore, by providing tailored guidance to help our clients thoroughly evaluate and analyze a range of strategic situations, we advise company boards and committees with comprehensive, tailored guidance.

Portfolio Valuation, transaction opinions, design, and implementation of strategic alliances (JVs), assistance in the due diligence process, structuring specific financial vehicles and overall M&A advisory, comprise most of the services that our Investment Banking team offers.

While our capabilities address a variety of situations and client needs, as a firm we always leverage our combined experience to provide clients with our best advice in every situation. We measure our performance not by short-term results but by the long-term success of our clients.

Our services include

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Our clients rely on us for strategic advice and efficient execution to conduct a range of acquisitions, investments, and disposals in both public and privately held companies. We handle complex transactions including large mergers, public takeovers, leveraged buyouts (LBOs), financial restructurings and fairness opinions. Exploring and executing strategic alternatives, M&A, divestitures, spinoffs, management led buyouts and joint ventures also provide an overview of this broad sector.

Our professionals offer objective, unbiased advice regarding the range of strategic and capital structure alternatives that may be available. We advise debtors, lenders and other creditors of middle market companies navigating through varying levels of financial distress. In these situations, it is often imperative that the company and its advisors respond quickly to preserve flexibility, maximize the range of alternatives available, and ultimately creating value for all stakeholders.

We help our investors make ideal deal decision by performing an in-depth data-driven review of the company that is being targeted or simply audited. With this assessment, Quantum EQT will provide its clients with the determination to provide a full potential valuation of the target and providing a post-acquisition agenda. Whether you are a buyer or a seller, our methodology conveys a 360-degree assessment of financial, operational, legal, IT and commercial aspects. With this assessment, Quantum EQT offers our clients a framework in which companies assume a vibrant roadmap for the future.

Our experience and analytical insight allows us to fulfill our clients’ tax and financial reporting valuation needs. We go beyond mere documentation to provide our clients with the confidence to meet their growing financial reporting responsibilities, while at the same time, offering our clients specific valuation methods and methodologies for particular assets or for the company as a whole.

Quantum EQT also focuses on advising and executing restructurings, reorganizations, and other complex financial transactions for public, private, and governmental clients. We make sure to ensure we understand the industries in which our clients operate. Furthermore, Quantum EQT has strong access to strategic, financial, and restructuring parties and possess the tools and experience to work with distressed companies.

There are several ways investors are protecting themselves from potential tax changes and asset protection. Quantum EQT´s financial advisors encounter many different tax situations and structures and have developed long-term tax strategies for our clients. When building your financial plan, the impact of taxes is carefully considered throughout the current year and over your overall investment horizon. With our experts, Taxes are tactically and strategically reviewed each year to help best manage potential obligations.

Quantum EQT offers a full range of restructuring/recapitalization services to companies in financial distress. We develop the highest value solutions for our clients through our active knowledge of capital market conditions and deep relationships with all major constituents including banks, bondholders, creditors, financial sponsors, and shareholders, as well as their financial and legal advisors. Some specific situations include chapter 11 reorganizations, crisis avoidance, fairness opinion and equity and debt financing.

Quantum EQT offers integrated, one-stop shop for financing and capital structure advice for corporate clients globally. Our services include the publication of thematic research for corporate decision makers, capital structure advice as well as every aspect from structuring to execution of loans, convertibles and securitisations.

Capital fuels growth and provides flexibility. Our longstanding relationships with financial institutions and their investors, combined with carefully tailored offering structures, are the right formula to achieve successful capital planning. We work with our clients to analyze capital structures, review alternatives, and select the optimal mix of capital offerings. We serve as objective advisors who present a range of equity and debt financing options to help clients add value in each stage of a transaction.

We advise our clients through the complex stages of a leveraged buyout, by seeking to utilize the leveraged finance markets to permit it to undertake a vital strategic acquisition. We are thoroughly familiar with a large variety of financial engineering techniques and products necessary for the execution of successful leveraged finance transactions.