Case: is the leading orthodontics company in Denmark, operating multiple clinics in several locations and with the highest number of patients treated annually. Quantum EQT’s acquisition of the dental group led to an unprecedented growth case and significant value creation.

Orthodontic treatment is done in several cases which include dental correction of children as well as adults to prevent Maxillofacial complications and ensure correct alignment of the teeth. Cosmetic surgery and treatment clients are becoming an increasingly larger part of the patient base, as treatment methods have become less invasive with the development of new technologies.

Before Quantum EQT acquired, it was a small dental company serving regular dental patient and orthodontic patients with limited capacity and geographical reach. During the due diligence, Quantum EQT identified strategic positioning opportunities, technological optimisation in the daily operation, and restructuring of the business areas within the dental group.

Over a 3 year period, Quantum EQT successfully repositioned, selling off assets related to regular dental services to fully focus on its core Orthodontic treatment business. strategic acquisitions were made, key business departments consolidated and Productivity increased, such that Tandregulering in the span of 3 years is the largest privately owned Orthodontic company In Scandinavia.

Tandregulering operates the most technologically advanced clinics while departments have been streamlined and revenue has increased steadily with a yearly average of 105% p.a. the past 3 years, and is the only larger Dental company in Scandinavia operating without any debt or leveraged positions.

Ebitda margins have increased with 58% and net profits have continuously increased consecutively for each Quarter since the acquisition, while maintaining the highest operating profit in the dental sector.

The demand for Orthodontic treatment is increasing and experienced Orthodontic specialist are few, however we continue to work toward offering more patients the ease of accessibility to specialist treatment and modern and technologically advanced facilities with highly trained staff to ensure professional treatment in all our clinics

Key numbers

Our investment in has led to a substantial growth.

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Yearly average
revenue growth
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Ebitda margins
since acquisition
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Multiple on
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